Owners of vehicles with unknown year of first circulation are called upon to regularize their situation

The Algerian Ministry of the Interior, Local Collectivities, and Territorial Planning has issued a statement calling on all owners of vehicles whose year of first circulation is unknown to take immediate action. The Ministry has urged these vehicle owners to contact the relevant authorities in order to initiate the process of updating their vehicle registration to reflect the correct year of first circulation. This move is aimed at ensuring that all vehicles on the road are properly registered and pose no risk to public safety.

“All owners of vehicles with an unknown year of first circulation and bearing license plates with the prefixes 22 or 33 are urged to reach out to competent services and take the necessary steps to replace their license plates with new ones that include the year of their first circulation,” added the Ministry.

Thus, the owners of this category of vehicles are obliged to contact the territorially competent licensing authorities to submit their vehicles to the conformity control in order to determine the year of their first registration, and thus to file a conformity control report issued to the owner of the vehicle by the specialised licensing authority in order to elaborate a registration plate bearing the year of the first registration of the vehicle”, indicates the same source.

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