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Palestine: UN condemns Zionist entity’s violations

The UN Human Rights Council condemned on Monday the Zionist entity’s violations in the occupied Palestinian territories, and stressed the necessity to bring justice to the victims and to establish a just and lasting peace.

The resolution, submitted by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), condemned the measures of the Zionist entity against Palestinian people, which constitute a “violation of Geneva Convention”, stressing that all measures taken by the occupation in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Quds, are “null, void and illegitimate. They have no legal effect, and no state can recognise a situation created by a flagrant violation of international law”.

The resolution expressed “regret” for the Zionist entity’s lack of cooperation with international human rights mechanisms seeking to investigate violations in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Quds, and called on the occupation to cease all unilateral measures such as house demolitions, population transfers, settlement construction and expansion, and excavations in and around religious and historical sites.

The resolution also called on the Zionist entity to dismantle the separation wall in the occupied Palestinian territories and to compensate those affected, in accordance with the decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) of 9 July 2004.

It was also called on the occupation to “immediately stop” all plans to demolish Palestinian homes and evict residents, and to facilitate the return of displaced Palestinian families and communities to their homes and houses.

The UN Human Rights Council resolution further called for an investigation of all violations, compensation for victims, release of Palestinian prisoners and detainees, including minors, prohibition of torture and access to medical care, investigation of all cases of Palestinian deaths in occupying prisons, and justice for all.

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