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Palestine’s ambassador to Algeria: “Solidarity with the Palestinians makes them feel that there are those who stand by them.”

Unity has existed for years among the Palestinian people on the liberation of Palestine and the establishment of a Palestinian state with El Qods as its capital

The ambassador of the State of Palestine in Algeria, Amine Makboul, confirmed that the brutal aggression against the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood at the entrance to El Qods is part of the occupation government’s plan to control and Judaize El Qods.

As a guest on TV channel three program “Algeria Moubasher” (Algeria Live), the ambassador explained that “the occupation’s attacks on safe houses and the barbaric destruction of buildings and towers are nothing but an attempt by the occupier to push the Palestinian citizens and the Palestinian people to object, raise an uproar and create internal strife in an attempt or belief, from the occupier, that the Palestinians who will lose their homes will curse the resistance.”

Speaking about the internal unity, his Excellency affirmed that Palestinian unity has existed for years among the Palestinian people, with the agreement of all its factions, forces and parties to liberate Palestine and establish the Palestinian state with Al-Qods Al-Sharif as its capital.

He also indicated in the same context that “the strategic vision of all factions of the Organization of Justice and the Palestinian People is a unified vision, regardless of the differences in the mechanisms of struggle in which some believe that the armed fight should come first.”

On the other hand, the Palestinian ambassador in Algeria praised the steadfastness of the Palestinian people despite the difficulties and violence of the occupation, saying: “The Palestinian people prove, as demonstrated in 1914, that they are steadfast despite the tragedies, bombing, abuse and displacement, and will not leave their land and will not object to resistance in all its forms, but will participate in it.”

His Excellency the Ambassador also expressed his satisfaction with the global and international Arab and Islamic solidarity, saying: “International, Arab and Islamic solidarity is very important. The Palestinians feel that there are those who stand by their side against this fierce aggression, which may also have an impact on the governments of countries whose peoples go out to demonstrate and take stances, in addition to financial support for the reconstruction of what the occupation has destroyed in Gaza and other areas.

In the end, the Palestinian ambassador to Algeria indicated that the Palestinian foreign minister will participate with a direct speech in tomorrow’s meeting of the UN General Assembly, to which Algeria has called, stating: “We thank Algeria, represented by its foreign minister, Mr. Sabri Boukadoum, who was active and clear in his statements and his meetings with the Council of the Arab League and Islamic countries. We also expect to take a decision condemning the aggression in the West Bank and El Qods and rebuilding and reconstructing what was destroyed.”

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