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People’s National Army: Arrest of 4 members supporting terrorist groups and destruction of two hideouts within a week

Detachments of the People’s National Army managed, in various operations across the national territory, during the period from 13 to 19 October, to arrest 4 members who back terrorist groups, in addition to destroying 2 hideouts and 5 homemade bombs, according to a report issued today, Wednesday, by the Ministry of National Defense.

The report indicated that “as part of their noble tasks in defending and securing the national territory against various threats, units and detachments of the People’s National Army arrested (04) members who back terrorist groups in separate operations across the national territory, while two (02) hideouts of terrorist groups were discovered and destroyed in Skikda and (05) homemade bombs in Boumerdes and Medea.”

With regard to the operations to combat organized crime and “to continue the relentless efforts aimed at confronting the scourge of drug trafficking in our country, joint detachments of the People’s National Army, in coordination with various security services, arrested, in the second and third military regions (09) drug dealers, and thwarted attempts to smuggle in quantities of drugs across the border with Morocco, estimated at (889) kilograms of processed cannabis, while (34) other drug dealers were arrested in possession of (49) kilograms of the same substance and (223956) hallucinogen tablets during various operations across other military regions.”

Meanwhile, “detachments of the People’s National Army in Tamanrasset, Ain Guezzam, Bordj Badji Mokhtar, Djanet and Tindouf, arrested (413) people, and seized (26) vehicles, (241) power generators, (122) pressure hammers, quantities of explosives, detonation equipment and other equipment used in illegal gold digging, in addition to (15) tons of a mixture of gold ore and stones.

Another (26) people were arrested and (09) hunting rifles, two (02) automatic pistols, (717305) units of fireworks and (89,5) quintals of tobacco were seized in El Oued, Biskra, Ouargla, Ain Amenas and Batna. Attempts to smuggle quantities of fuel estimated at (71,150) liters in Bordj Badji Mokhtar, Tebessa, El Tarf and Souk Ahras were also thwarted.”

In another context, “the coast guards thwarted illegal immigration attempts on our national coasts and rescued (701) people who were on traditionally-made boats, while (118) illegal immigrants of different nationalities were arrested in Ain Amenas, Tlemcen, Ain Temouchent and Ghardaia.”

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