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People’s National Army carries its constitutional duties and refrains from interfering in any electoral process

The Army magazine (El Jaych) affirmer in its June issue, that the People’s National Army is a “republican army and will remain so irreversibly.” and that it carries out its constitutional duties as required by the laws of the republic and “refrains from interfering in any electoral process.”

In its editorial, the magazine expressed the army’s “insistence” to» clarify any confusion implied by some people,” on the eve of an event “of great importance for the future of our country”, which is the legislative elections, the magazine mentioned once again that ” the People’s National Army is a republican army, and it will remain so irreversibly.”

The magazine added that the army “carries out its constitutional duties as required by the laws of the republic in the spirit of commitment and permanent readiness to defend Algeria’s sovereignty and unity, and thus refrains from interfering in any electoral process, unless it is in order to provide the appropriate conditions that would ensure its conduct in security and serenity to allow our people to express freely and transparently their choice of those who represent them in the legislative authority without pressure or coercion.”

The magazine indicated that the members of the People’s National Army will participate with their fellow citizens in performing this national duty by casting their votes “with all freedom and transparency.”

The editorial affirmed that People’s National Army “refuses to be dragged into a game played by those who lost their way, and also refuses to be a pretext for those who, by failing to mobilize people and gain their trust, are searching in vain for justifications for their failures and disappointments.”

The magazine stressed that Algerian people, who “have high aspirations for change and the building of a new Algeria, as promised by the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Minister of National Defense, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, will always find by their side a military institution that made their struggle its own struggle in order to strengthen the rule of law and establish the rules of a democratic society, an institution that is faithful to its commitments and engagements, an institution that truly deserves to be a descendant of the National Liberation Army.”

The magazine recalled, in this regard, the warning of the Chief of Staff of the National People’s Army, Lieutenant-General Chengriha, during his recent visit to the first military region, to those who aim to disrupt the elections or influence their course, stressing that “the Algerian people have become more aware and cannot be mistaken or pushed into dangerous labyrinths, adding that it will mobilize against all living schemes, and will stand, as usual, as one man, alongside the institutions of the state, and in the face of all ill intended people.”

In its editorial, El Jaych magazine underlined the volatile and unstable conditions experienced by neighboring countries and the “complete chaos, rampant crimes and terrorism looking again for a new positions, as well as the direct and indirect interventions of some countries to dictate their policies and spoiling goods and wealth, in addition to exploiting cyberspace to launch a new form of war that relies mainly on social media, which has become a haven for organized criminal networks, using it as a means of misleading and conducting hostile campaigns with the aim of sowing discord among members of the same people.

It explained that all these developments and dangers “obligate our country to confront them and fight them in all ways and means and adapt to the challenges of the current stage in order to protect our country and provide security for our people,” pointing out that this “will only come with the awareness of our people and their exposure of traitors and mercenaries and standing in the face of all those who seek to deal a blow to Algeria’s stability, security and unity.

Meanwhile, the editorial touched on the supervision of Lieutenant General Said Chengriha, last May and the beginning of this month, on three tactical drills with live ammunition “Waad 2021”, “Hazm 2021” and “Sohk 2021”, in each of the second, third and first military regions, respectively.

It said that these three drills, which aim to “continue the path of strengthening the capabilities of the National People’s Army in all aspects”, were characterized by “high professionalism in all phases and an excellent tactical and operational level, reflecting the high capabilities of the teams and commanders at all levels, especially with regard to optimal exploitation of the field, tight coordination between the various participating units, and the high efficiency of executives in controlling the various systems and equipment used.”

The magazine indicated that this matter was confirmed by Lieutenant General Chengriha by “continuing to build a deterrent force capable of fighting any form of aggression and treason by continuing this keen and ambitious scientific approach, whose motto remains the operational readiness to face up to any emergency, in service of the fixed goals that remain an integral part of the big goals and the right strategy adopted.”

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