Performing rain prayer across country’s mosques

Rain prayer was performed today, Saturday, in all the mosques of the Republic, in supplication to the Almighty God to bestow the country and the people with rain, following the drought that affected many provinces.

The rain prayer, which was performed in various mosques starting at ten o’clock in the morning, is considered a confirmed Sunnah in Islamic jurisprudence, following in the footsteps the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, who used to perform the rain prayer in times of drought.

Last Thursday, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments called on the imams of the republic’s mosques to perform the rain prayer, following the drought that affected many provinces of the country and due to urgent requests from citizens for the performance of this prayer.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has written to all its directorates across the entire national territory in order to perform the rainy prayer today, and yesterday’s Friday sermon was dedicated to supplicating to God and reminding people of the provisions and etiquette of the rain prayer, including, repentance, seeking forgiveness, responding to grievances, and kinship ties, fasting before prayer for rain and almsgiving to the poor and needy to spread mercy and social solidarity among people.

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