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Pink October: Ministers of Health and National Solidarity visit Oncology Department at Rouiba Hospital

Minister of Health, Abdelhak Saihi, and the Minister of National Solidarity, Family and the Status of Women, Kaouter Krikou paid a visit on Saturday to the oncology department of the Public Hospital Establishment (EPH) of Rouiba (Algiers), on the occasion of the closing of the month of pink October of awareness on the prevention of breast cancer.

Supervising with Ms. Krikou the closing of the month of Pink October devoted to raising awareness on breast cancer prevention, the Minister of Health wanted to reassure about the availability of drugs for the treatment of cancer and other diseases .

Affected by a shortage in recent months, these drugs are now available thanks to the measures taken by the Saidal group and the Central Hospital Pharmacy (PCH), he said, noting that the PCH will take care of the distribution of all these drugs nationwide.

Mr. Saihi explained that his visit to the Rouiba Hospital in the company of the Minister of National Solidarity comes first to inquire about the situation of patients in the oncology department, but also to inaugurate a radiotherapy center intended for cancer patients.

This center, which will receive patients from the east of the capital, will help ease the pressure on the Pierre and Marie Curie Center (CPMC) in Algiers, added Mr. Saihi, announcing, in the same context, the opening of a center similar to the Isaad Hassani university hospital center (CHU) in Beni Messous, intended to care for patients in western Algiers.

For her part, Ms. Krikou welcomed the level of awareness of citizens, raised through her visits to different regions of the country as part of the national campaign to fight this disease.

She also highlighted the efforts made by the local units of the National Solidarity sector in terms of raising awareness of early detection of breast cancer, particularly in remote areas.

Ms. Krikou reiterated the readiness of her sector to coordinate with that of Health in order to sensitize women on the treatment by continuing the campaign throughout the year.

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