Ploughing and sowing started in Ain Temouchent

Ploughing and sowing started yesterday, Thursday, in Ain Temouchent, in the equivalent of 116,000 hectares of land allocated for grains during the current agricultural season, according to the Agricultural Directorate services.

The area destined for durum wheat includes 62 thousand hectares, which represents 54 percent of the total area, in addition to 10 thousand hectares of soft wheat, 42 thousand hectares of barley and 2 thousand hectares of oat, as highlighted by the provinces director of the sector, Ghali Boulenoir.

The sector, in coordination with the grain and dry legumes cooperatives of Ain Temouchent and Hammam Bouhdjer, provides about 27,078 quintals of seeds for the benefit of producers, in addition to significant quantities of fertilizers that will meet the needs of operators in the grain division during the current agricultural season, according to Boulenoir.

The agricultural sector of Ain Temouchent also dedicates more than 3,700 tractors, 5,970 ploughing machines and 450 other machines for planting seeds as well as other means.

On the sidelines of his supervision of the launch of the ploughing and sowing operation, the governor of Ain Temouchent, M’hamed Moumen, inspected an exhibition of agricultural products at the level of the Specialized Agricultural Intermediate Technological Institute.

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