Poisoning incident at Ténès Beach: Ministry of Agriculture confirms that animals on board the ship are free from diseases

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development reassured today, Tuesday, in a statement, about the safety of animals on board the nearby ship from diseases, as a result of the poisoning cases recorded in Ténès Beach (province of Chlef).

The ministry explained that “following the incident that occurred on July 4, 2021 at the Ténès Beach in the province of Chlef, where some citizens were swimming on beaches adjacent to the ship carrying animals, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development informs that an inspection committee was sent to the site on the day following the incident.”

For this purpose, “and after examining the animals on board the ship, the Ministry of Agriculture reassured that these animals are medically safe from diseases and do not suffer from any disease or risk of infection to humans.”

The ministry stated that “the ship coming from Sète (France) docked in the port of Ténès, carrying fattening calves, destined for the provinces of Chlef and Oran,” adding that “the health documents are conform to the condition of the imported animals.”

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