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Polisario Front describes cancellation of agreements between European Union and Morocco an “overwhelming victory”

The Polisario Front described the European Union court’s cancellation of the fishing and agricultural agreements linking Morocco with the European Union and extended to include occupied Western Sahara as an “overwhelming victory for the Sahrawi people.”

The Polisario Front said, in a statement, in a first reaction to the European Union Court’s decision, “a sweeping victory for the Sahrawi people before the European judiciary.

This Wednesday, September 29, the European Union Court rendered two historic verdicts in favor of the Sahrawi cause.”

The representation of the Polisario Front in Europe, which issued the statement, welcomed the decision, saying: “Firstly, the European Union court considered that the Polisario Front, the representative of the Sahrawi people, has the ability to act before the European judiciary, to defend the sovereign rights of its people in its national territory, and its natural resources.”

The court cancelled the new agreements between the European Union and Morocco because they were illegally imposed on the Sahrawi people, and without their consent,”.

In this context, te representation of the Polisario Front noted that the Court affirmed that the so-called “consultations” with the “concerned populations” can in no way replace the consent of the Sahrawi people, who constitute a “people” equal to other peoples according to international law.

Likewise, the Court categorically rejects the spurious argument of the alleged benefits that Sahrawis derive from these agreements.

With the two decisions issued today, the Court of the European Union reinforced the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union in December 2016 in which it stated that by virtue of the right to self-determination and independence, Western Sahara enjoys a “separate” and “privileged” status.

Abi Bouchraya, a member of the National Secretariat of the Polisario Front in charge of Europe and the European Union, commented in the same press release, saying, “The court’s decision of 2016 was very clear, but the European Commission chose to violate it. Through its decisions, the Court reminded European leaders that no one is above the law. Respecting the rule of law and international law is required from all, as they are a condition for peace in the world.”

He added, “Therefore, we call on European leaders to comply with the court’s decisions, because their lack of confidence in European justice continues to hinder the decolonization process of Western Sahara.”

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