Postal and Electronic Communications Control Authority obtains the “WebTrust” certificate for electronic authentication services

The Postal and Electronic Communications Control Authority announced today, Monday, in a statement, that it has obtained the WebTrust seal of the electronic certification authority.

The source added that this seal is “a certificate approved by an accredited audit office that proves its conformity to the exercise of its activity as an economic authority for electronic certification according to the reference – WebTrust – to the certification authority (”

The WebTrust is a reference “destined for certification authorities to increase consumer confidence regarding electronic commerce and transactions, as well as any PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) application”, based on “principles and standards covering several aspects, such as those related to physical and logical security, safety, availability, confidentiality and Personal data protection “.

According to the same source, this certification is “an essential step for creating an atmosphere of digital trust necessary for the implementation of digitization and digital transformation projects in the economic sector in Algeria.”

The source added that “the Electronic Certification Economic Authority, which is charged with following up and monitoring the provider of electronic certification services, is among the most important factors in developing the digital economy in Algeria, by providing electronic licenses and certificates to the providers of these services, who in turn provide electronic signature and certification services for the benefit of the public, allowing to carry out various electronic transactions in a safe and reliable manner.

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