Preliminary registrations for 2022 baccalaureate holders: granting first three wishes to more than 65 percent of laureates

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Abdelbaki Benziane, announced today, Wednesday in Algiers, that one of the first three wishes of 65.46 percent of the total of 330,618 laureates in the baccalaureate exam (June 2022 session) who made the initial registration, through the electronic portal of the Ministry, has been granted.

Benziane said during his supervision of a meeting devoted to announcing the results of the dispatching of new baccalaureate holders and the official announcement of the opening of the portal for access to these results that “the first stage of the initial registrations resulted in meeting one of the three wishes of 65.46 percent” of the registered, explaining that the selection of university majors is subject to “4 pre-defined criteria,” which are “expressed wish, the baccalaureate section and the results obtained,” as well as “the reception capabilities of university and geographical departments.”

According to the first registration results announced by the ministry, 330,618 successful initial registrations, i.e. 95.73 percent, were made, while 14,764 laureates did not perform this process, i.e. 4.27 percent, and the number of those who did not obtain any wish from their ten wishes are about 9714 with the possibility to re-enter new wishes during the second stage of registrations.

The second stage of registrations extends from 4 to 11 August, and will be devoted to conducting interviews and redirecting those who did not obtain any of their ten wishes in the first stage.

During this stage, the platform dedicated to the initial registration of accommodation requests will be opened, from 20 to 26 August.

The third stage will be devoted to final registrations online during the period from 5 to 8 September, while the fourth stage will be devoted to processing special cases allowed by higher education institutions through the “Progres” portal from 9 to 15 September.

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