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President Ghali calls on human rights organizations to protect Sahrawis from Moroccan violations

Western Sahara President Ibrahim Ghali, called, today, Thursday on international organizations defending human rights to intervene to protect defenseless Sahrawi citizens who are subjected to Morocco occupation violations, condemning these practices against Sahrawi people.

Following his audience with the Algerian President, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, SADR President condemned Morocco occupation authorities’ violations against defenseless Sahrawi people, stressing in this regard:” We condemn these practices, and we call on the International human rights organizations to access the besieged region to protect defenseless Sahrawi citizens”.

Mr. Ghali explained that he discussed with Algeria’s President, Abdelmadjid Tebboune “Regional, African and International issues, particularly the recent Moroccan aggression and its ceasefire violation signed between Polisario Front and the Kingdom of Morocco under UN auspices that aims at organizing self-determination referendum of the Saharawi people”.

He stated in this regard that “after this violation, Sahrawi people were forced once again to continue the armed struggle in order to obtain their right to freedom, independence and self-determination,” stressing that “Enough time has been given to the international community, about thirty years, in order to implement a settlement plan to organize the self-determination referendum”.

He also added that this goal “has not been achieved due to Morocco continuous disruption of the noble international effort to decolonize the last colony in Africa, and also this is due to the international community’s silence about the Moroccan obstruction and the ongoing human rights violations against the defenseless Sahrawi citizens in the occupied territories”.

He singled out “the resistance of the Sahrawi women who are taking to the streets every day, demanding to apply international legitimacy and to empower their people to self-determination and independence.”

Regarding the audience, Mr Ghali indicated that he had « a warm reception from His Excellency the President, two days before Sahrawi people celebration of the 45th anniversary of the SADR proclamation” adding that “We blessed Algeria’s president for completing his recovery after his recent illness, and we also blessed him for Algeria’s restoration of its regional and international position” hailing this meeting, which he described as «fruitful and fraternal”.

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