President of Independent National Electoral Authority: More than 164,000 new voters have been registered

The head of the Independent National Electoral Authority, Mohamed Charfi, revealed that 164,286 new voters have been registered for the local elections to be held on November 27, bringing the total number of the electoral college to 24 million 589,475 voters.

In a statement to the Algerian public television, Mr. Charfi said that an increase in the number of voters was recorded after the exceptional review of the electoral lists for the election of members of the Municipal and Provincial People’s Assembly by 164,286 voters, after removing the deceased from the lists, bringing the total number to “24 million 589 thousand and 475” voters. .

In this context, the same official stated that “8,928,134” subscription forms for individual signatures were withdrawn in favor of the lists of candidates to elect members of the Municipal and Provincial People’s Assembly, noting that the lists of 47 parties withdrew “8,131,524” subscription forms, While the independent lists withdrew 796 thousand and 610 subscription forms.

During his recent field visit at the municipality of Mohamadia (Algiers) to see the conditions for launching the exceptional review of electoral lists, Mr. Charfi reassured that “all conditions” for the success of local elections “are available”, noting that this success is “closely related to the degree of democratic awareness of Citizen’s.”

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