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President of the Republic affirms willingness to grant judiciary the privileged position it deserves

President of the Republic, President of the High Judicial Council, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, affirmed, Sunday in Algiers, his willingness to grant the judiciary the “privileged position it deserves”.

In a speech made during his supervision of the opening of the 2021-2022 judicial year at the Supreme Court headquarters, the President said that his supervision of this ceremony is a “a revival of a good tradition enshrined in the traditions of the state and the customs of the judicial institution,” noting that this occasion is an “opportunity to confirm my willingness to grant the judiciary the privileged position it deserves.

He added that this occasion is also an opportunity to learn about “the milestones and achievements made by the justice sector, to recall the desired goals, to draw future milestones that we seek to achieve, to complete the edification of a rule of law, and establish the foundations of a strong, independent and efficient judicial authority that enhances the citizen’s confidence in the state and generates a sense of safety and serenity.”

The President of the Republic went on to say: “I pledged before God and before the whole Algerian people, after giving me their confidence in the presidential elections, to fulfill their legitimate demands and aspirations, in order to bring about comprehensive and real change that would allow for a new start to our country and to live in a democratic, prosperous Algeria that is faithful to the values ​​of the first of November 1954 revolution and the Message of the Righteous Martyrs.

He explained that this endeavor “ required a comprehensive and real change that allows for the evaluation of the national edification,” adding that in order for this process to succeed, “we had to respect the stages and move at a steady pace,” starting with “the constitutional amendment that was approved by the people,” and then proceeded with “building the new institutional edifice.” starting with the organization of legislative elections to choose the people’s representatives in the People’s National Assembly.

In a related context, the President of the Republic stressed the need to “respect the rulings of the judiciary and ensure their implementation by everyone, regardless of their position in the state hierarchy, without any exception,” stressing that the implementation of the rulings is “a basic and essential condition stemming from the sovereignty of the people, given that the rulings of the judiciary are issued in the name of the Algerian people through the laws voted on by the people’s representatives.”

In this context, the President of the Republic questioned “the benefit of enacting legal texts and issuing judicial rulings, if they are not implemented as quickly as possible, so that everyone with a right recovers their right and benefits,”  adding that “It is not possible to build a state of law, if a decision is issued for the benefit of the citizen and the latter does not take his right, then where is the state of law.”

Moreover, the President pointed out that the reforms witnessed by the justice sector “allowed to grant all the powers to run cases of judges of the Supreme Judicial Council, which is made up mostly of judges elected by their colleagues, and the union representation of judges was represented in this Council,” noting that This is “ an unprecedented action that expresses our willingness to provide protection for the judge and pave the way for the independence of the authority to which he belongs.”

The President of the Republic said that all these “guarantees will be implemented through the issuance of the organic law that includes the Basic Law of the Judiciary and the Organic Law related to the High Judicial Council,” and ordered the government to “accelerate the study of these two laws in the near future in order to submit them to Parliament.”

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