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President of the Republic: Algeria gathers all parties and next Arab League Summit should be inclusive

The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, confirmed on Friday evening that Algeria is a gathering country, referring to Syria’s participation in the next Arab League Summit to be hosted by Algeria in March 2022, underlining the need for this meeting to be inclusive.

During his regular meeting with representatives of the National Press, Mr. Tebboune said: “when we organize an Arab League Summit, it should be an inclusive summit, and Syria should be present. I hope that this occasion will be a new start for the Arab world as it is in a torn situation, I hope it will be a comprehensive meeting”, adding that “Algeria does not enshrine the differentiation between the Arabs, we are a country that brings together the differences, in Africa, in the Arab world, and even in Europe and the Balkans”.

Addressing the Arab League reform file, the President noted that the Arab League “has not changed since 1948″.

“All the international organizations have developed, including the United Nations, which was the league of nations, the African Union (formerly the Organization of African Unity), which is now proceeding with effective internal organization decisions, except the Arab League, ”he continued.

President Tebboune concluded: “our relations are firstly oriented toward the Mediterranean, Maghreb and Arab regions. Our relations with Muslim countries are all good, except for those which show animosity us, Algeria does not show animosity to anyone”.

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