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President of the Republic: Algeria ready to support Libya in resolving some problems at hand

President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, renewed, today, Wednesday, in Algiers, Algeria’s readiness to offer its support and help Libya in “solving some of the problems at hand.”

The President of the Republic, in a press statement made after the audience he gave to the President of the Libyan Presidency Council, Mr. Mohamed Younes Al-Menfi at the headquarters of the Presidency of the Republic, said that during this meeting, “a lot of decisions were agreed upon that might help in solving some of the problems raised in sisterly Libya.”

The President of the Republic considered that “Algeria is at Libya’s disposal,” saying: “We have no ambitions and we have no other vision except for the vision of the Libyan brothers for their country.”

On the occasion, the President of the Republic recalled Algeria’s initial opinion on the situation in Libya, stressing that this opinion “has become internationally accepted today” and that “the final solution to the crisis in sisterly Libya is elections that give more legitimacy to the National Council and to the President.”

In this regard, he suggested organizing “dual parliamentary and presidential elections at the same time,” reiterating Algeria’s readiness to help the Libyans “to deliver the voice of our sister Libya anywhere.”

For his part, the President of the Libyan Presidency Council praised the warm reception he was given by the President of the Republic, extending his thanks to Algeria, “the government and the people,” highlighting “the history and common values ​​that unite the two countries,” as well as the revolution and struggle,” which made them “aware of the suffering of the Libyan people in order to preserve their homeland.”

Regarding the “full support” expressed by the President of the Republic in this meeting, Mr. Al-Menfi said, “We were pleased with what we heard from the President regarding the full support of our steps in order to reach parliamentary and presidential elections that would enable Libyan people to choose their representative during the coming period.”

On the other hand, Mr. Al-Menfi revealed that the meeting also enabled discussions on other common issues, especially “the security of the Libyan south, which extends from the Libyan national security to the end of the common security of the two countries,” adding that “President Tebboune recommended absolute support for Libyans.”

In another context, Mr. Al-Menfi said that his country “looks forward to a role from our sister Algeria to contribute to the national reconciliation of his country,” which, as he said, is “one of the most important points of the political agreement until we reach elections.”

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