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President of the Republic announces opening of borders between Algeria and Niger for trade exchanges

President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, announced, today, at a joint press briefing with Nigerien President, Mohamed Bazoum, the opening of the land borders between Algeria and Niger to facilitate trade exchanges between the two countries.

On the same occasion, President Tebboune thanked his counterpart for “his brotherly visit” to Algeria at the head of a large delegation made up of members from all sectors.

During the same presser that took place at Presidency Headquarters, the President of the Republic expressed his full agreement on topics highlighted by Nigerien President and which aim to strengthen cooperation in all fields, including hydraulic, oil and trade.

President Tebboune said, in this regard, that the two countries had agreed to “open borders to ease import and export operations between Algeria and Niger” stressing the need for a “clear policy” concerning Nigerien people who work in Algeria.

Regarding security cooperation, the President of the Republic expressed a “full agreement” between Algeria and Niger in this area, including training.

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