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President of the Republic awards “Achir” medal to late journalist Karim Boussalem

The President of the Republic awarded, today, Saturday the medal of the National Order of Merit in the rank of “Achir”, posthumously, to the late journalist Karim Boussalem, the first medal awarded to an Algerian journalist.

This honor came “in loyalty to the spirit of the deceased, who dedicated his life to serving the media and promoting him with a recognized professional competence and a tribute to his integrity in performing his message with all objectivity and impartiality, as well as in implementation of his distinguished contributions in order to enrich the media and knowledge field.”

The medal was received by the father of the late, during the ceremony supervised by President Tebboune on the occasion of the awarding of the journalists who won the President of the Republic’s Award for Professional Journalist in its seventh edition under the theme “Media between Freedom and Responsibility”.

The ceremony took place at Palais du Peuple, in the presence of the Speaker of the Council of the Nation Salah Goudjil, Speaker of the People’s National Assembly Brahim Boughali, Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Aïemen Benabderrahmane, President of the Constitutional Council Kamel Fennich, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, Lieutenant General Saïd Chanegriha, and the Minister of Communication Amar Belhimer, along with a number of government members, advisors to the President of the Republic, high officials and a number of media professionals.

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