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President of the Republic called on Algerian youth to show patriotism and defend Algeria

The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune called on young people, “the country’s true wealth”, to show patriotism and defend Algeria.

“Defend your country with patriotism” hammered President Tebboune who addressed young people during his periodic meeting with representatives of the national press broadcast on Saturday evening, reiterating his commitment to solving the problem of unemployment by fully taking charge of this category and continuing to work towards this goal.

“I ran as a candidate on behalf of civil society and young people to whom I promised their involvement in political life. They are now the second force in the National People’s Assembly (APN), in addition to their participation in start-ups”, maintained the Head of State.

Noting that Algeria is “envied for the dynamism of its youth which is its true wealth”, the President of the Republic indicated that the High Council for Youth which will be set up “in a month at the latest” will be a space to involve young people in making decisions that affect them.

He called for defeating the defeatist discourse that discourages young Algerians, invited moreover to “cling to hope in a stable Algeria with a promising future”.

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