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President of the Republic calls for accelerating the implementation of Algeria’s proposals on AU counter-terrorism mechanisms

The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, renewed his call for accelerating the implementation of practical proposals submitted by Algeria to strengthen the mechanisms of the African Union in the fight against terrorism.

In a speech read by the Prime Minister, Mr. Aïmene Benabderrahmane, at the 36th summit of African Union heads of state and government, which continues today, Sunday, in Addis Ababa, the President of the Republic highlighted “the complex and interconnected challenges facing the African continent, foremost among them the scourge of terrorism and violent extremism, the multiplicity of hotspots and crises that have increased in intensity excessively.” All of these factors, according to the President of the Republic, “constitute a real obstacle to the development and progress of our countries” and they “undermine our joint efforts to combat poverty, achieve social justice and meet the legitimate aspirations of our peoples.”

In the same context, he pointed out that the gradual activation of the various components of the continental peace and security architecture had “a positive impact in reducing the number of conflicts in Africa and in early detections of risks and rapid response of hotspots. However, the dimension of the challenges requires us to redouble our efforts to fully activate all the mechanisms for the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts.”

 The President of the Republic also reviewed a range of indicators that “require comprehensive approaches to combat terrorism and violent extremism, based on building and strengthening the capacities of member states and blocking foreign interventions by promoting joint African coordination and cooperation.”

Among these indicators, the President referred to a “frightening increase in terrorist attacks during the past year, in terms of number, geographical scope, and the bloody nature,” which have been backed, as he said, “by the return of foreign terrorist fighters, in addition to the confirmed links between terrorism and transnational organized crime and the use of cyberspace.”

In this regard, the President renewed his call accelerating the implementation of practical proposals submitted by Algeria, aimed at “strengthening the mechanisms of the African Union, such as developing a new action plan for the organization in the fight against terrorism instead of the 2003 action plan that has been overtaken by events.

He also called for “the revitalization of the Counter-Terrorism Sub-Committee of the Peace and Security Council, as well as the establishment of an African list of individuals, groups and entities involved in terrorist acts, including foreign terrorist fighters”, and for the “concretization” of the African Arrest Warrant Project”.

The President of the Republic was keen to “reiterate the firm support of Algeria to the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination through the organization of a free and transparent referendum, in accordance with the charters and international resolutions.

He underlined, in this regard, that “desperate attempts to impede the ongoing decolonization process, and unilateral decisions against international law and the principles of the AU, can in no way legitimize the occupation of the Sahrawi territories or undermine the inalienable right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination.

Given these dangerous developments, the President of the Republic added, “it is imperative for our organization to take full responsibility for this issue and to play the role assigned to it, based on its firm conviction in favor of decolonization.

Regarding the situation in Mali, the President of the Republic expressed the commitment of Algeria to “contribute to move forward in the process of national reconciliation and work with the Malian brothers to give new impetus to this approach resulting from the Algiers process.

He has, in this context, expressed his “satisfaction with the improvement of relations between Mali and fraternal countries within the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in hopes of seeing these relations normalized and the disputes definitively resolved.

Regarding the Libyan issue, the President urged the parties in this country to “adhere to the peaceful process to resolve the crisis without foreign interference” through “the adoption of dialogue to achieve a peaceful and consensual solution that can preserve the unity and sovereignty of Libya and strengthen the building of its institutions, reiterating “Algeria’s full readiness to contribute to any action that can bring together all Libyans to bridge the gap between the actors of this brotherly country” and “achieve an inclusive political settlement that guarantees the unity, security and stability of Libya.

The President of the Republic expressed his conviction that the resolution of African crises “must be based on the peaceful solution, inclusive dialogue and national reconciliation without foreign interference,” stressing that Algeria “will contribute relentlessly to strengthening efforts to achieve international peace and security and will continue to support initiatives to resolve the crises and defend the just causes of peoples struggling to regain their fundamental rights to self-determination and liberty.

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