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President of the Republic calls for unification and closing of ranks to win the battle of renewal

President of the Republic, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, and Minister of National Defense, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, called on the Algerian people to unite, close the ranks and unify the internal front at this crucial stage in the country’s history in order to win the battle for renewal.

The President of the Republic wrote in the editorial of the Army magazine for the month of July: “On this glorious anniversary in which we recall the heroism of our ancestors and commemorate the resistance and victories of our people, I call on the Algerian people, at this crucial stage in our history, to unite, close the ranks and unite the internal front in order to win the battle of renewal that we are leading to achieve our aspirations and desired goal in a strong, proud and secure Algeria, as aspired for by our righteous martyrs.”

In this editorial entitled “Social cohesion is the pillar of true citizenship,” the President of the Republic expressed his conviction that the Algerian people “just as they were able yesterday to defeat the colonial power and restore national sovereignty, are able today to face all challenges and implement the new Algeria on the ground.”

On the occasion of the celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the recovery of national sovereignty, the President of the Republic recorded his pride of this day, which “will remain forever enshrined in our collective memory”, recalling that this date is the culmination of the struggle of the Algerian people and their bitter and desperate struggle for more than 130 years, “during which they bravely resisted and defended their land and honor and the broke out a victorious revolution that will remain an example of the struggle for liberation.”

The memory file is a sacred national duty

Regarding the file of national memory, which constituted one of the 54 commitments to which he committed before the Algerian people, the President of the Republic stressed that this issue, which is “at the heart of the state’s preoccupations, remains far from improvised action.” or dictated by certain circumstances,” recalling once again that it is a “sacred national duty.”

In this regard, the President of the Republic pointed out that “significant steps” had been taken in the previous period, in the context of “preserving our national memory, pending the implementation of other steps.”

In a related context, the President of the Republic recalled the comprehensive evaluation effort that Algeria embarked on “with determination” more than two years ago, and based on “careful and carefully studied steps, with the aim of restoring credibility and confidence to state institutions.”

He also reviewed, on the occasion, the various efforts that were made during this period in order to meet the challenges at the economic and social levels.

This step – the President of the Republic continues – comes within the framework of the other commitment he had announced to preserve the social character of the state “whatever the circumstances”, in line with the first of November declaration.

He laid emphasis on the adoption of the unemployment pension, which has benefited more than a million Algerian youth as a circumstantial solution, pending the availability of job opportunities that would enable them to enter the labour world, which “will inevitably happen, as a result of the policy adopted in the field of economic development”, in addition to the measures which aim to improve the purchasing power of Algerians by raising the salaries of employees “within the limits of what the country’s financial capabilities allow.”

A tribute to the effective and pioneering role of the National People’s Army

The President of the Republic also praised the “active and pioneering” role of the National People’s Army in giving impetus to national industries by contributing effectively to the national effort to promote and develop the national economy.

He pointed out, in this context, that the focus in the next stage will be on “strengthening the national industrial fabric and developing the military industries, in a way that enables the creation of jobs for our youth and allows export after meeting the needs of the national market.”

After extending his sincere greetings to the employees of the armed forces, which “ensure relentlessly, the protection of our long borders and the fight against terrorism and organized crime,” the President of the Republic renewed his committment to continue the path of developing the capabilities of the National People’s Army by “continuing to implement the development program of our forces, and then enhancing combat capabilities and operational readiness in order to keep pace with rapid technological developments.”

The President of the Republic concluded by recalling that “in view of the prestigious position that the People’s National Army enjoys in the conscience of the nation, which can in no way be shaken, but rather grow stronger, and given its leading position within the state institutions and the strenuous efforts it made to prevent the collapse of the state during the nineties, preserve the faithfulness of the martyrs, and establish the requirements of stability and national security.” Algeria will celebrate, on August 4, the National Day of the People’s National Army.

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