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President of the Republic confirms state’s commitment to enhance purchasing power of citizen

President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, affirmed the state’s commitment to continuing its efforts to enhance the purchasing power of the citizen.

In excerpts from the periodic media meeting with representatives of the national press, which will be broadcast this evening, Thursday, on national and private radio and television channels, the President of the Republic said: “We are always moving towards strengthening the purchasing power of the citizen and raising salaries annually.”

The President of the Republic also stressed the need to “generalize digitization so that we can count families who have one income,” noting that “a day will come when digitization will become a reality and the hidden will be revealed.”

Regarding the fight against corruption, the President of the Republic reaffirmed the state’s efforts to combat this scourge, saying: “We have recovered significant amounts of the looted money and we are still following up on the stored money file.”

Regarding the investment file, President Tebboune affirmed that “investment in Algeria is guaranteed,” noting, “Our relations with Europe exist, and we will work to strengthen them in the future, and we will turn towards China, as well as towards Russia.”

On the other hand, the President of the Republic reaffirmed Algeria’s support for the Palestinian cause, stressing that “within the framework of the United Nations, we are with Palestine until it becomes a state with full rights in this UN body.”

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