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President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, chairs a meeting of the Council of Ministers (full statement)

The President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune chaired today, Sunday, April 10, 2022,  a meeting of the Council of Ministers devoted to a presentation on the status and estimates of grain production, the implementation of the complementary program for the province of Khenchela, the progress of the phosphate production project, as well as the ratification of the agreement of teaching Arabic language in primary schools in France, in addition to a draft law on labor relations.

After the opening of the session by the President of the Republic, and after listening to the presentation of the Prime Minister, on the outcome of the government’s activity in the last two weeks, the Mediator of the Republic presented his periodic report on the development of the status of the outstanding investment projects during the last weeks, in which he stated the following:

  • Lifting restrictions on 834 additional investment projects out of 915 counted projects, that is an increase of 21 projects whose restrictions were lifted, compared to the previous situation, which means that only 8.85 percent of the outstanding projects remain under processing.
  • 574 investment projects entered into operation, with an increase of 20 additional new projects in comparison to the situation presented during the last cabinet, which was put at 554 projects.
  • This allowed the creation of 869 new jobs, bringing the total number of jobs created, to 33,171 jobs, to reach 50,993 jobs, with the entry of all projects that have been lifted, into operation.

Following this presentation, the President of the Republic issued the following orders, instructions and directives:

  • The President praised the progress made in creating jobs by lifting bureaucratic obstacles to development projects in the country’s provinces, considering this an important achievement compared to the investment conditions and the difficult economic situation on the global level, stressing the need to redouble efforts.

Regarding the draft law on labor relations:

  • The President hailed the amendments included in the draft law, especially those related to granting an unpaid vacation for a full year, renewable for a period of 6 months, to anyone who wishes to set-up a company, to encourage young people to create a dynamic in productive sectors.
  • Preparing a draft law on union work with greater enrichment of its content, through consultation and discussion with professionals.
  • That the draft law takes into account the true representation of unions, and the commitment to promote the social and professional aspect of workers away from political tendencies, which emptied union work of its true spirit.
  • He entrusted the government with preparing for basic sectoral laws, in order to avoid the complications that sectors are going through within the public employment law system.
  • He gave instructions to expedite the distribution of “Chifa” cards to beneficiaries of the unemployment pension.
  • He ordered the preparation of a final list that counts the holders of pre-employment contracts in preparation for their final integration into their positions.
  • The President entrusted the government with raising the pensions to retirees, for 2021 and 2022, as follows:
  • A 10% increase in pensions of less than or equal to 15 thousand dinars
  • A 5% increase in pensions whose value ranges from 15 to 20 thousand dinars
  • A 3% increase in pensions ranging between 20 and 43 thousand dinars
  • A 2% increase in pensions over 43 thousand dinars

With regard to the national education sector, the President of the Republic ordered:

  • The integration of all pre-employment contracts in the sector before the end of May 2022.

Regarding the status of the complementary development program for the province of Khenchela:

  • The President stressed the importance of expediting the realization of the development program for the benefit of the citizens of the province and monitoring it in detail on a weekly basis.
  • Establishing strong communication and follow-up mechanisms to monitor the progress of the program’s projects, at the level of the Ministry of Interior, and responding positively to the concerns raised in the field.

Regarding the progress of the integrated phosphate production project:

  • The necessity of devoting extreme and exceptional importance to a careful and field follow-up to this project, which deserves all sacrifices for its implementation, as it is one of the giant and pivotal projects in the mining sector in the history of Algeria, which contributes to diversifying the national economy and creating new wealth.
  • The speed up of the preparation and completion of the railway line from Tebessa to the port of Annaba, in order to actually launch the realization of this important project with our Chinese partners.

Regarding the national education sector:

The President commended the efforts made in the field of Braille writing, especially in the field of religious books.

  • Entrusting the government with take the necessary measures to develop the National Office of School Publications as a pivotal tool for the promotion of printing and Braille publishing.
  • Immediately move towards upgrading Braille printing to help the blind at the national, Arab, African, and even international levels.
  • Establishing a national printing department from the National Office of School Publications that lays the foundations for printing Braille books in religion, science, mathematics, physics and literature, in response to national and international demands.
  • Launching Braille printing, of the holy Qur’an and hadiths of the Prophet and for the “Mouattaa” of Imam Malik.
  • Providing Braille books issued in all disciplines for free.

Regarding the presentation on grain production and its estimates: In order to encourage peasants, the President ordered:

  • Raising the purchase prices of dry grains according to the government’s proposals:
  • 3000 dinars for beans and lentils
  • 2000 dinars for chickpeas
  • Confirmed the exclusive import of cereals to the Grain Professional Office.
  • Raise the production rate of one hectare of wheat to no less than 40 quintals through intensifying scientific and agricultural research.
  • He entrusted the government with adopting the latest methods of irrigation and contemporary agricultural irrigation, especially with regard to the areas of grain cultivation.

With regard to the provision of subsidized milk, the President of the Republic ordered:

  • The state to guarantee a profit margin increase of one dinar per liter of milk for factories and two dinars for distributors.

Before concluding the session, the Council of Ministers approved an agreement on teaching Arabic language in primary schools in France, and a number of individual decisions related to appointment and termination of tasks in senior positions in the state.

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