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President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, presides over a meeting of the Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers examined two draft laws related to credit and banking, and the rules of public accounting and financial management, as well as presentations related to raising wages, the sectors of health and the pharmaceutical industry and their prospects, in addition to the sectors of energy, vocational training and education, fisheries and fishing products.

After opening the session and presenting the government’s activity during the last two weeks, the President of the Republic gave the following directives and orders:

First – regarding raising wages

Increasing wages, over 2023-2024, so that their annual level ranges between 4,500 dinars to 8,500 dinars, according to ranks, thus making the increases approved during 2022, 2023, 2024, reaching up to 47 percent.

Raising the minimum retirement pension in Algeria to (15,000 DZD) fifteen thousand dinars for those who were earning less than (10,000 DZD) ten thousand dinars, and to 20,000 dinars for those who were earning (15,000 DZD) fifteen thousand dinars, to be consistent with the minimum wage which also witnessed an increase from 18,000 DZD to 20,000 DZD since 2021.

Raising the unemployment benefit from 13,000 to 15,000 dinars, net of all taxes, in addition to the health coverage for the unemployed during the period they benefit from the grant.

President Tebboune instructed the government to approve more facilities to create companies in various disciplines that push Algeria towards a smart economy with the aim of absorbing unemployment among young people, stressing that the timeline for establishing a company at the level of administration should not exceed one month.

The President of the Republic stressed the need to align the wage grid with the purchasing power first, and then with continuous support for the socially vulnerable segment, by taking into account the value of work and advancing production, as two main references for raising wages.

Second- regarding the status of the health sector (diagnosis and prospects)

Mr. Tebboune praised the efforts of doctors and health workers for what they have done over the past years during the health crises the country has gone through. He indicated that the general situation in the country had a negative impact on the health sector, but its situation requiring a radical review does not necessarily mean rebuilding it from scratch.

The President of the Republic affirmed that the main problem in the health sector is not related to structure, but to management, and that reform should continue throughout the year and not during a specific period.

Motivating doctors and paramedics by creating the optimal professional and social conditions that enable them to carry out their tasks in complete psychological comfort that helps them better perform their professional duties.

He also ordered for the necessity of vocational rehabilitation of paramedical agents through training courses with the aim of integrating them into the mechanism of administrative and professional promotions.

Reconsidering the basic laws for all occupational groups making up the health sector.

Upgrading and modernizing hospital care and health services according to a unified quality and creating an internal work system for hospitals that allows electronic follow-up of medical files across all patient treatment courses, and to alleviate the pressure on doctors.

Separating administrative and medical management and going towards hospital specialization to create treatment poles that help relieve pressure on hospitals nationally.

Strengthening hospitals’ trend towards specialization by concluding contracts with specialized international hospitals to perform surgical operations in Algeria based on the number of incurable disease cases that require special care.

Third – regarding the pharmaceutical industry (diagnosis and prospects)

The President of the Republic hailed the efforts currently being made to advance this strategic sector, stressing that providing medicines to citizens is a noble task.

Rehabilitating Saidal group to cover a large part of the needs of the national medicines market, after it had retreated to 5 percent, despite the fact that it used to have a market share estimated at 47 percent.

Producing children’s vaccine and insulin in Algeria, as from 2023.

Combating the smuggling of medicines in all its forms and inflicting severe penalties on those involved.

Fourth – regarding the roadmap for the development of hydrogen in Algeria

The President of the Republic appreciated the strategy of creating new sources of energy in Algeria, especially as the world is moving today towards clean energies; however, he stressed the need for good preparation and study of this strategy.

Mr. Tebboune directed the sectors concerned with this strategy to rely on seawater desalination plants to develop hydrogen.

The Minister of Energy and Mines ordered the start of works to increase gas production with the aim of maintaining the national consumption rate on the one hand and strengthening exports on the other hand, in implementation of Algeria’s commitments with its foreign partners.

Fifth: regarding the draft law on credit and banking and the draft law on public accounting and financial management, they were approved by the Council of Ministers after the President blessed the opening of the Housing Bank and the opening of bank branches abroad in France, Mauritania, Senegal and Niger.

The President of the Republic also highlighted the legal value of the two draft laws, which come as an extension of the reforms that the financial and economic systems have generally known over the past three years.

Sixth- regarding the outcome of the activities and strategic axes of the vocational training and education sector by 2030:

The President of the Republic hailed the level reached by the policy of vocational training and education, as Algeria counts 1,300 institutes and training centers across the national territory in many disciplines, which makes it a real model, especially since the quality of training has become linked to economic activity in its various specializations.

Seventh- regarding the roadmap for the sector of fisheries and fishing products:

President Tebboune commended the efforts made by young people in aquaculture and fishing products, despite the average capabilities, which made fishing resources reach citizens at acceptable prices.

The President of the Republic called for continuing this activity saying it should not be circumstantial.

He encouraged the fishing boats makers to raise production rates, instructing the Ministers of Interior and Transport to coordinate in order to facilitate the expansion of the areas of these companies in ports.

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