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President of the Republic: Municipal Law will witness a “radical change”

President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, announced that the municipal law will witness a “radical change” as broader powers will be granted to the elected.

The President of the Republic said, during a press interview with representatives of the national media, that there will be a “radical change in the law governing municipal management,” stressing the need to “review such laws and give broader powers to the elected.”

Meanwhile, the President stressed that “powers without means will make no sense,” emphasizing on the occasion, “the need to give the necessary resources to the elected,” which, as he said, requires “a review of the tax law.”

The President of the Republic announced, in this respect, that a “General Inspectorate” will be established under the Presidency of the Republic to monitor the activities of managers.

He added: “The goal that we will reach, God willing, is to create a general inspectorate affiliated with the Presidency of the Republic,” which will monitor the work and activities of managers without knowing that they will be inspected.”

With regard to the policy of social subsidy, the President of the Republic stressed that this subsidy will not stop no matter how long it takes, noting that “social subsidy will continue in Algeria until God inherits the land and its dwellers.”

He added that this support stems from “loyalty to our righteous martyrs and to the declaration of the first of November 1954 to build a social and democratic state.”

On the sporting front, President Tebboune renewed his “full support” for the national team, saying in this regard: “The national team has all the support and there are those who are trying to destroy it,” adding that “there are parties trying to harm the morale of the national coach Djamel Belmadi by using websites” to hamper his work and obstruct the path of the national team.

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