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President of the Republic: phosphate mines in Tebessa and iron in Tindouf, strategic projects

The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune said Tuesday that the phosphate mine in Tebessa and the iron deposit in Gara Djebilet (Tindouf) are two strategic projects for the future of Algeria.

Algeria will invest in phosphate, “a product of great importance due to the disruption of this mineral on the international market,” said President Tebboune during his visit to the stand of the Company of phosphate mines (Somiphos), on the occasion of the inauguration of the 30th Fair of Algerian production “FPA 2022” hosted at the Palais des expositions (Pins maritimes, Algiers).

Describing this project as a “must to be won battle”, the President of the Republic stressed that the country has “all the skills and qualifications to do so.

Recalling that more than 250,000 students graduated each year from Algerian universities, President Tebboune stressed the importance of moving towards the best.

Regarding the iron deposit of Gara Djebilet (Tindouf), President Tebboune stressed the need to “increase production levels as soon as possible” and accelerate the completion of the railroad in the region.

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