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President of the Republic praises sacrifices of Algerian women and renews his commitment to strengthening their position

The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune praised on Tuesday the sacrifices of Algerian women through the stages that Algeria has gone through, affirming his determination to honor his commitments in favor of “strengthening the place of women”.

“At a time when we welcome the sacrifices of Algerian women, we will move forward with the help of Allah towards the concretization of the commitments made in favor of strengthening the place of women, particularly in terms of political empowerment, broad integration in the process of economic recovery, consecration of the principle of parity in the occupation of responsibilities and high functions, while ensuring guarantees of protection against all forms of violence”, indicated President Tebboune in a speech read in his name by the Minister of National Solidarity, Family and the Status of Women, Kaouter Krikou, during a ceremony organized at the El Aurassi hotel on the occasion of the celebration of International Women’s Day.

The celebration of International Women’s Day “is an occasion when women in our country and all over the world are surrounded by the best images of esteem and distinction in various sectors, in different fields of socio-economic activity, as well as in charitable and humanitarian work spaces”, added the Head of State, maintaining that the woman “is truly worthy of it”.

President Tebboune affirmed, in this respect, that Algerian woman “have proven during all the stages and the most difficult moments her attachment to the high patriotic sense and her permanent contribution to the promotion of citizenship”.

The Head of State added: “the exceptional sanitary conditions when the waves of Covid-19 followed one another demonstrating the sacrifices of women in the medical profession and in the various sectors and fields, or even the challenges and so many difficulties that the Algerian woman had to face with patience in her family and socio-professional environment, are so many brilliant achievements and radiant pages reflecting her centuries-old qualities of fidelity and values ​​of national solidarity”.

On this occasion, the President of the Republic remembered “the exploits of the Algerian woman who earned her merit and consideration due to her eminent roles within society”, reiterating his “pride for the girls of Algeria who gave the best images of the meaning of sacrifice for liberation, equality and human dignity when our dear homeland was under the abject colonial yoke, during the glorious war of liberation, then in the era of independent and sovereign Algeria”.

The celebration of this day symbolizes “the values ​​of liberation and human dignity” and is intended to be “an opportunity to salute your conscience and determination to trace the future of generations, by instilling in our children the preservation of national cohesion, the true citizenship and attachment to national identity and belonging,” he added.

Addressing his “sincere congratulations” to Algerian women, President Tebboune bowed to the memory of the chahidates of Algeria, sisters in arms of the revolutionary Djamilates (Djamila Bouhired, Djamila Boupacha and Djamila Bouazza), and wished “long life to the glorious mujahideen”.

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