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President of the Republic: Preparation of a law that severely punishes those who seize state lands

President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, announced the preparation of a new law that would severely punish those who seize state lands.

In his regular meeting with representatives of the national press, which was broadcast yesterday evening on national television and radio channels, the President of the Republic stated: “We regret that slums were eradicated from some lands, and their inhabitants were relocated in new apartments that provide all the necessary amenities, but other people came to occupy those lands with the complicity of some officials, and we will eradicate this phenomenon.”

He underlined that: “A law will soon be promulgated and will provide for the severe punishment of those who illegally seize state lands.”

In this context, the President of the Republic affirmed that “there is no democracy and security for the citizen except in a strong state, because a weak state cannot protect its citizens and will bow to the strength of others.”

The President of the Republic added that Algeria will continue its efforts to eliminate slums “in order to preserve the dignity of the Algerians,” recalling the delivery of more than 3.5 million units since 2013.

The state will also continue its housing programs in various formulas, including social housing, stresses President Tebboune, who pointed out that the efforts recorded in this field culminated in significantly reducing the age of access to housing.

He stressed: “We will continue this work until every housing applicant can benefit from his housing unit within 6 months to a year.

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