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President of the Republic renews commitment to raise wages and unemployment benefit

President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, renewed his commitment to raising wages and unemployment benefit, on account of the “extra incomes” that the national economy has recorded during the current year.

The President of the Republic indicated in the periodic media meeting with representatives of the national press, which will be broadcast tomorrow evening on public radio and television channels, on AL 24 channel as well as on the various private channels, that “given that there is an extra income during this year, I am committed to raising wages and raising the unemployment benefit,” stressing that “the battle we are leading aims to restore dignity.”

In his response to a question regarding the possibility of a government reshuffle, the President of the Republic revealed that “there will be a government reshuffle,” considering that it is “a natural thing that happens in all governments in the world,” with the aim of “implementing our commitments.”

In another context, the president praised the “goodwill and patriotic spirit of the Sonatrach staff” whom he commended for all the efforts they make “from the basic worker to the highest officials.”

With regard to teaching English in the primary phase, the President of the Republic revealed that this decision “will be implemented during the current year” so that “Algeria becomes international,” noting that “French is a spoil of war, but the international language is English.”

President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, evoked the military parade organized by the People’s National Army on the occasion of the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the recovery of national sovereignty, stressing “Algeria’s right to organize a military parade on the occasion of the anniversary of its independence and to highlight the cohesion that exists between the People’s National Army and the Algerian people, because it’s an army nation”.

As regards to the Arab summit scheduled in Algeria at the beginning of next November, Mr. Tebboune stressed that Algeria enjoys “credibility in the Arab world,” noting that “the Arab family will meet in Algeria” and that Algeria “is the first to unite the Arabs.”

The President of the Republic also spoke about the relations between Algeria and Italy, noting the recent development they have witnessed, and revealed on the occasion, the readiness of the two countries to engage in “joint production in the field of mechanical industry and the production of cars and ships.”

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