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President of the Republic stresses the need to work in earnest to meet aspirations of the citizen

President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and Minister of National Defense, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, renewed today, Sunday, his directives to the government, especially the new ministers, to work in earnest to meet the aspirations of citizens, according to a cabinet statement.

The statement indicated that while presiding over the cabinet meeting, the President of the Republic, renewed his “directions to the government, especially the new ministers, to work in earnest to develop the sectors they manage, in a manner that meets the aspirations of citizens, especially since the challenges require expertise, effectiveness, sincerity and respect for standards.”

In this context, adds the same source, the President of the Republic has ordered to accelerate “the acquisition, as soon as possible, of planes and ships to back air and maritime lines, from Algeria to international destinations “, insisting on “the final processing of the files submitted for the opening of private air and maritime transport companies, meeting international standards”.

President Tebboune also instructed “the commissioning, as soon as possible, of private aircrafts confiscated by court order, as part of corruption cases, under the supervision of specialized national companies, for the general interest”.

In the field of transport, the President of the Republic ordered “the speeding-up of the pace of work for the realization of railway line projects, through the regions included in the new plan”.

With regard to the sector of pharmaceutical industry, President Tebboune informed of the need for “setting a new strategy for the sector of pharmaceutical industry, through the consolidation of local production, in order to cover the national market, then the development of an export plan”.

In terms of seawater desalination, President Tebboune gave instructions on the need for “the acceleration and the permanent monitoring of projects for the construction of new seawater desalination plants”.

The President of the Republic also highlighted the need for “the digitization of tax services and State domains, before the end of 2022, with the aim of protecting the rights of the State and combating opacity and any form of tax evasion in these two sectors, which constitute a heavy burden on the public treasury”.

In the health sector, President Tebboune ordered “the opening of hospitals already built across several wilayas of the country and the launch of planned projects in Oran, Constantine and Algiers”.

Concerning the lifting of bureaucratic obstacles on projects, President Tebboune instructed the Prime Minister to oversee the coordination between the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, the Secretary General of the Government and the Minister of the Interior, “with a view to codify the mechanisms for lifting bureaucratic obstacles on projects, based on previous experiences and in order to avoid deadlock situations”.

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