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President of the Republic stresses the rehabilitation of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council and making it a pole for competencies

President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, affirmed, Tuesday in Algiers, that the installation of the National Economic, Social and Environmental Council is in line with his commitment to rehabilitate this body and make it “a pole for scientific competencies.”

President Tebboune explained, during his supervision of the installation of the council members, that this appointment “comes in line with our pledge to rehabilitate it and make it a pole for scientific competencies, reflecting the actual practice of democracy” that is based “on the involvement of various economic and social actors, civil society and experts from various disciplines in national consultations”.

President Tebboune stressed that this consultative body “will allow the implementation of scientific tools to instill a new economic model and to propose recommendations capable of preserving and valuing social gains.”

He added that “On this basis, we made sure to diversify the council’s components, including different groups and specializations, from different parts of the country and from the national community settled abroad.”

Mr. Tebboune also stressed that the inclusion of qualified women and youth came as a support for the human capital that would be able to propose solutions and make recommendations to upgrade public policies.

The President of the Republic, supervised, at the Palace of Nations (Pine Club), the official inauguration ceremony of the members of the National Economic, Social and Environmental Council, in the presence of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Saleh Goudjil, the Speaker of the People’s National Assembly, Ibrahim Boughali, the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Aïmene Benabderrahmane , and the President of the Constitutional Council. , Kamel Fennich, members of the government and the President of the National Economic, Social and Environmental Council, Reda Tir, along with senior executives in the country and representatives of economic, social partners and civil society.

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