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President of the Republic: The martyrdom of Colonel Si Amirouch and Si El-Haouas in Mount Thameur confirms the liberation revolution was a war that included every inch of the homeland

The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, paid tribute today, Saturday, to the memory of Colonel Si Amirouche Ait Hammouda, commander of the historical third region who was martyred in the field of honor 63 years ago, describing the martyr as one of the symbols of the sacrifice made by the Algerian people in order to recover their freedom.

In a message read on his behalf by his advisor in charge of national and international organizations and non-governmental organizations, Hamid Lounassi, on the occasion of the commemoration of the martyrdom of Colonel Si Amirouche, organized in the village of Tasaft Oukemoun in the municipality of Ibodraren (Tizi Ouzou province), the President of the Republic indicated: “I am pleased to share with you this historic moment to commemorate one of our righteous symbols, who, thanks to their commitment and sacrifices, we are able today to commemorate the eternal memory of Si Amirouche and his comrades in Djurdjura, close to his historic command center.”

President Tebboune said, “Through Colonel Si Amirouche, I would like to bow before the memory of all the martyrs and mujahideen who sacrificed their lives and precious things in order for our country to be liberated from the colonial yoke.”.

The President of the Republic went on to say, “the martyrdom of Colonel Si Amirouche alongside his brother Colonel Si El-Haouas on March 29, 1959 in Mountl Thameur, in the outskirts of Bou Saada, after a fierce battle, confirms, without a doubt, that the national liberation revolution was a war that included every inch of the homeland.”

He added: “Through this message, I would like to address the Algerian women and men who, thanks to God, did not witness the scourge of colonialism and the extreme violence that our people endured, to say especially to the youth that they must unite their efforts at all costs to strengthen the unity of the nation. It is a daily responsibility.”

President Tebboune went on to stress that “today, more than ever, young people must honor the sacrifice of these men and women who strengthened the basis of national identity on which Algeria is building today, a state and a nation, around the values ​​of solidarity within the country and around the values ​​of non-interference and respect of the right to self-determination and the rights of peoples to decide on their own fate, at the international level.

In this context, the Head of State indicated that “in the face of global turmoil that threatens the stability of several countries, the unification of efforts and belief in the future of our country remains the only things that will spare us the consequences of harming our stability, which has been planned many times and thwarted every time.”

The President of the Republic affirmed that Algeria remains “proud and preserves its position thanks to the resistance of its people and the strength of its institutions, including the People’s National Army, the heir of the National Liberation Army, which was established in the worst conditions by Si Amirouche and his comrades in the national movement.”

President Tebboune concluded his message by saying: “Because we have no other homeland, the sacrifice of our ancestors must remain a source of inspiration for the generation that enjoys living today in a free country. This is the challenge that we all have to overcome because that is the price of our dignity and honor.”

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