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President of the Republic: The objective of the complementary program for Tissemsilt is to improve the life of the citizen and achieve development balance

 President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, confirmed, today, Monday, during a cabinet meeting, that the goal of launching a complementary development program for the province of Tissemsilt is to improve the life of the citizen in the first place and achieve a development balance.

A cabinet communiqué stated that the President of the Republic, when listening to a presentation on the province’s supplementary program, stressed that the goal of this program is to “improve the life of the citizen in the first place, and achieve a developmental balance that ensures the province of Tissemsilt and other provinces keep pace with the national development path.”

He added that “the development of the province should be first, by breaking the isolation and resurrecting the various frozen projects after an accurate census process and removing all obstacles, especially the vital projects for the citizen.”

He called for raising the province’s share of rural housing and launching public projects and investments that would “reduce unemployment and create new jobs.” He also urged work on “duplication of roads, in order to facilitate movement, especially towards the axes of Tiaret and the capital.”

On the same occasion, the President of the Republic ordered the Minister of Interior and Local Governments to “go to the field and listen closely to the local elected officials, with the aim of creating harmony with the aspirations and interests of the citizens and taking into account the peculiarity of this province that needs comprehensive development.”

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