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President of the Republic: Unemployment pension amounts to 13,000 DA, to be granted as of next March

The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, affirmed that the unemployment pension amounts to 13,000 DA and will be granted as of next March.

the President of the Republic indicated, during his regular meeting with representatives of the national media, that “Algeria will be the first country outside Europe to adopt an unemployment pension as a small stipend in order to preserve the dignity of the youth.”

This pension is accompanied by health coverage for the benefit of young people, according to the statements of the President of the Republic, who affirmed that the financial package destined to these expenditures are included in the 2022 Finance Law.

Moreover, the President of the Republic announced a new measure to reduce the tax burden on bakers, as from the end of next March.

Accordingly, taxes for bakers will be calculated on profits only after they were previously calculated on the total turnover.

This decision will be introduced in the next complementary finance law, according to the President of the Republic.

President Tebboune also confirmed the decision to freeze taxes on some widely consumed foodstuffs, pointing out that the high prices of foodstuffs in international markets affected the purchasing power of citizens.

He added that due to the skyrocketing prices in international markets, the money with which it was possible to purchase certain quantities of grains and pulses, can now only purchase a third of these quantities.

He stated in this regard: “There were 5% taxes on some foodstuffs items in the budget, and we decided to defer them…”.

Meanwhile, the President of the Republic affirmed that “democracy is built through true and responsible freedom of expression,” stressing in this context that an article about the army that aims to undermine its morale cannot be considered as an expression of opinion.

It is worth noting that the periodic meeting of the President of the Republic with representatives of the national media will be fully broadcast on Tuesday evening (at nine o’clock) on public television and radio channels.

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