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President of the Republic warns against attempts to use crises to sow discord among people of same country

President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, warned, yesterday Thursday, against attempts to undermine national unity and use crises and hurdles to poison the situation in order to create division among the people of the same nation.

In a speech addressed to the nation following the outbreak of forest fires in several provinces of the country, leaving many casualties, both soldiers and civilians, the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, stressed “the need to keep national unity far from all malicious attempts that target it, warning against those who seize opportunities to sow discord.”

The President of the Republic reiterated that “The Algerian state is one and united, as it is the case for its people,” recalling that national unity is a national constant, adding that “those behind the attempts to deal a blow to this national constant will be confronted by all available means.”

The President of the Republic addressed those who take advantage of dire conditions such as those experienced by many provinces of the country following the outbreak of forest fires by “poisoning the situation and trying to sow discord between the army and people and between people and the state,” reminding them that “honorable citizens were the ones who supported the security services in arresting some suspects.”.

President Tebboune mentioned, in the same context, the importance of preserving national unity, which he considered the attempts to undermine it “a real crime”, and that this issue is a “sacred matter.”

With regard to the killing of a young man in Larbaa Nath Yirathen region (Tizi Ouzou), following suspicions of his involvement in the forest fires that hit the region, the President of the Republic stressed that revealing the truth depends only on justice. The President also warned that “we must not take advantage of the situation and fall into the trap of two terrorist organizations trying to enter through this door to undermine national unity.”

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