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President of the Republic: wheat reserves cover a period of 8 months

The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune affirmed, Saturday in Algiers, that the wheat reserves in Algeria covered a period of eight months.

 “Algeria currently has reserves that can cover a period of eight months. We are on the eve of the harvest campaign in the South as well as in the North in two months,” President Tebboune said in an interview with representatives of the national press broadcast on national television and radio channels.

The President of the Republic recalled, in this context, the measures taken by the State to encourage agricultural production, headed by the increase in the purchase price of cereals and legumes from farmers.

The Head of State pointed out, however, that the radical solution to deal with the soaring cereal prices and their shortage on the international market lay in increasing national production.

“We insisted on the local production of oil and sugar and the increase in the yield of cereals to 40 quintals/hectare, even before the start of the Ukrainian crisis. We are calling for and ensuring the application of these instructions to protect the country from the repercussions of foreign crises,” he said.

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