President of the Sonelgaz Group: Digitization is a “key to success” of 2035 Sonelgaz strategy

The CEO of the National Electricity and Gas Company (Sonelgaz), Chaher Boulakhras, considered, Monday in Algiers, that digitization is the “key to success” of the group’s strategy for the horizons of 2035.

During the first forum on the topic of “IT: Sonelgaz and the challenges of digital transformation”, Mr. Boulakharas stressed that “the modernization of the complex is linked to digitization, which is the key to the success of the 2035 strategy.”

He added that the concept of digitization for Sonelgaz “has gone beyond the limits of using simple technological applications and digital services”, but rather has become “an approach, work method and actual plans, especially with regard to direct interaction with citizens and employees as well.”

He also touched on Sonelgaz’s ambitious policy aimed at generalizing digitization in various areas of management in order to develop its information systems at all levels in light of technological progress and the transformations witnessed by global companies.

In this regard, he stressed that “digital transformation will improve the services of the complex in several areas, including the field of energy saving and information security with regard to the data of customers, including individuals and institutions, and data of workers, as well as all branches of the complex.”

On this occasion, he pointed out that among the goals of digitization there is “guaranteeing a quality public service, achieving a qualitative leap in this field, and eliminating bureaucracy with all dealers.”

He also explained that the complex seeks to keep pace with technological development and modernization by achieving an “effective digital system.”

Mr. Boulakhras considered that this forum is a “very important event” for the assembly because it coincides with the actual launch of the Sonelgaz 2035 strategy action plans, which include, through its six axes, 50 strategic action plans for the field of digitization only.

For reference, the forum is organized by the national company “ELIT”, which is a branch of Sonelgaz Group, established in 2009.

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