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President Tebboune: Accelerate the promulgation of texts regulating activity of audio-visual, written press and ethics of the profession

President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, ordered Sunday to “accelerate the promulgation of laws regulating the activity of the audiovisual, written press, and the ethics of the profession,” said the communiqué of the Council of Ministers.

Chairing the periodic meeting of Ministers Council, President Tebboune gave instructions and guidelines for “accelerating the promulgation of laws regulating the activity of the audiovisual, print media, and ethics of the profession,” says the statement.

He also ordered to “review the organizational text of the Audiovisual Regulatory Authority (ARAV) to enable it to act upstream and downstream.

It is also to “review the priorities in the field of communication and work to adapt the laws with the provisions of the 2020 Constitution that guarantees and preserves freedoms.

President Tebboune also ordered to “define the documents required in the issuance of authorization for the creation of newspapers, and this in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution on the consecration of freedom of expression.

Also, the President gave instructions for the drafting of “legislation for the creation of a criminal pole to fight against cybercrime, and this in accordance with the decisions of the recent High Council of Security “.

It is also a matter of “working to improve the means of communication with the citizen in all areas, by putting this point in the priorities of government action in order to making possible to take the appropriate decisions and to solve the problems and concerns of the citizen,” according to the same source.

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