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President Tebboune arrives at the Palais des Nations to chair the Government-Walis meeting

The President of the Republic, Mr Abdelmadjid Tebboune, arrives on Thursday at the Palais des Nations in Algiers to preside over the government-walis meeting, under the theme “Local development: evaluation and prospects”.

Upon his arrival at the Palais des Nations, the President of the Republic was greeted by senior government officials.

This one-day meeting, organised by the Ministry of the Interior, is part of the assessment of the actions undertaken over the last three years in the field of local development.

It is also a question of assessing the state of implementation of the President of the Republic’s orientations and drawing up a report on the actions undertaken, as well as their impact on the improvement of citizens’ living conditions and on the local economy.

The participants will also focus, in a forward-looking vision, on the process of accelerating local socio-economic development through a comprehensive and coherent roadmap.

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