President Tebboune calls for benefiting from the experience of the Algerian Gas Research Institute

The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune called, on Tuesday in Doha, to take benefit of the experience of the Gas Research Institute (GRI) to develop this energy and find “technological solutions to improve its quality.

In his speech at the 6th Summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, Mr Tebboune said that “natural gas is the energy of the present and the future, as it is a clean, flexible and accessible energy, and even the most effective in terms of environmental protection, alongside renewable energy.

” The President of the Republic added that natural gas holds a ” special ” position in international economic relations, due to ” the large reserves of natural gas in our countries, covering a significant part of gas production and trade, but, he said, this energy is not renewable and its development requires considerable investment “.

President Tebboune stressed the importance of “finding effective technological solutions to improve the quality of natural gas as a clean energy, with a view to ensuring its availability and competitiveness in energy systems, adding in this regard that “the Forum can benefit from the experience of the Algerian Gas Research Institute to meet the challenge.

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