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President of the Republic chairs Council of ministers meeting

President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the commander-in-chief of the armed Forces and minister of National Defence, chaired Sunday a meeting of the Council of Ministers for the consideration and adoption of bills relating to many sectors, the Council of Ministers meeting’s statement said.

“The President of the Republic, Mr. The President of the Republic, Mr Abdelmadjid Tebboune, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defence chaired, on Sunday June 5, 2022, a meeting of the Council of Ministers devoted to the examination and the adoption of the bill relating to the audiovisual activity and the bill relating to the conditions and modalities of granting concessions for the construction of investment projects, the follow-up of the rate of progress of the project of realization of five new stations of desalination of sea water, the project of creation of the Bank of the habitat and the opening of banking branches abroad, in particular in the African countries, in addition to a presentation on the visit of Mr. President to the Republics of Turkey and Italy.

After hearing a presentation by the Prime Minister on the assessment of government activity over the last two weeks, the President of the Republic gave the following instructions, orders and guidelines:

Firstly: draft law on audiovisual activity.

President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, at a Council of Ministers meeting on Sunday, emphasized the importance of the bill on the audiovisual activity in promoting media practice, stressing the need to “depart from unprofessional methods in the transmission of reality.”

– Define qualitative criteria to promote the performance of national media and ensure their compliance with the requirements of professionalism, particularly with regard to the dealing with specialised and investigative issues.

– Finalise the draft bill on the information framework and the draft bill on the print and electronic media.

Secondly: regarding the conditions and modalities for granting concessions of land in the private sector of the State for the implementation of investment projects.

The President stressed the following:

– Further develop the proposed project to define the nature of the relationship between the State Services and the real estate agencies to be created for the granting and management of economic land of all types.

– Grant the agencies in charge of economic land a special status allowing them to manage the zones and sites making up their land portfolio.

– Total liberation of the investment project route from the bureaucratic system.

– Adopt a purely commercial approach to the handling of economic land.

Thirdly: regarding the project to create the Housing Bank and the opening of bank branches abroad:

The President instructed the Minister of Finance to prepare the bill for the creation of the Housing Bank within a month.

– Prepare the transitional phase between the Caisse nationale d’épargne et de prévoyance (CNEP) and the Caisse nationale du logement (CNL) for the effective launch of the Housing Bank.

– The Council of Ministers approved the strategy of opening bank branches abroad, especially in African countries.

Fourth: on the progress of the project to build five new seawater desalination plants:

The President of the Republic has instructed the government to continue the implementation of the national strategy for the development of non-conventional water resources, particularly with regard to the implementation of the projects for the construction of the five seawater desalination plants, within the set deadlines, in order to improve the supply of drinking water to citizens, especially with the arrival of the summer season.

Fifth: on the transport sector:

The Council of Ministers approved a project of two OTC contracts between the National Agency of studies and follow-up of the implementation of railway investments (ANESRIF) and two groups of national public companies, for the implementation of the works of the railway Khenchela-Aïn El Beïda (Province of Oum El Bouaghi).

Before the closing of the meeting, the concern of our Hajjis related to the high costs of Hajj for this season, due to international economic conditions, was addressed, with the Council of Ministers approving the subsidisation of the pilgrims’ travel ticket to the Holy Places by lowering its price by 100,000 DA.

The President instructed the Minister of Transport to compensate Hajjis who have already paid the ticket price when paying Hajj fees.

Finally, the Council of Ministers adopted several agreements and approved a number of individual decisions on appointments and dismissals from higher state offices.

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