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President Tebboune: Local elections, an opportunity to start the change

President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune affirmed that the local elections scheduled for Saturday are an opportunity for the Algerian people to start the change, highlighting the role of youth and society in achieving this goal.

“I expect the citizens to participate strongly in these elections,” said President Tebboune during his periodic interview with representatives of national media, aired Friday evening, noting that “the legislative elections may not interest many citizens and experience a low turnout, everywhere in the world, but the local elections center around those who will be in charge of the management of current affairs of the citizen.

“If the people want change, it is high time to do it themselves on the occasion of this election,” said the head of state adding that “the method adopted to initiate the desired change is based on the criteria of probity in the candidates, away from dirty money, to have candidates young with new ideas for the revitalization of municipalities and the implementation of reforms that would consolidate the decisions taken at the national level, as long as they are implemented locally and impact on the daily lives of citizens,” he explained.

“The change we aspire to is based on three criteria: youth, civil society and probity,” the President stressed.

Speaking about the action of municipalities and elected representatives, President Tebboune announced “a radical change in the municipal code, in order to give greater prerogatives to elected representatives.

On the other hand, President Tebboune noted that granting “wider prerogatives without means makes no sense”, insisting on “the imperative to give the means to elected representatives”, which requires, he said, a revision of the Tax Code.

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