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President Tebboune: local elections are final stage to build modern State

President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune affirmed Saturday, in Algiers, that the local elections are the “final stage to build a modern state” with the participation of its children.

In a statement to the press, on the sidelines of the accomplishment of his electoral duty at Ahmed Aroua School of Staoueli, Tebboune underlined that these elections are considered as “the final stage to build a modern State” with the participation of its children who will choose their elected officials.

“We will build an economically strong State within the democracy and freedom for the citizens,” he added.

The President of the Republic highlighted the importance of these election, which he expected to see “strong” participation by citizens as they are “directly concerned by”.

He called on political parties and civil society actors to contribute to the dissemination of the values of “citizenship” by raising awareness of the importance of the election “to choose citizens that manage the grassroots level”, adding that “election is a right and a duty but it is not compulsory”.

President Tebboune explained that these elections come within the framework of “completing the building of the elected institutions of the state”, stressing that the communal and provincial councils are “the grassroots institutions of the state and should be given broader prerogatives”.

He, also, reiterated the imperative to endow the elected communal councils with broader prerogatives and, above all, greater financial means.

He recalled that public authorities will launch, early 2022, workshops for the revision of the municipalities and provinces laws in order to give more prerogatives to local elected officials and provide them with tools allowing them to honor their commitments to citizens who have chosen them for the management of their affairs

As long as financial means are concerned, Mr. Tebboune stated that out of 1,541 municipalities, around 900 are destitute. “We have to balance between the poor and the very rich communities. Each municipality should have financial resources, allowing it to concretize its specific development policy. Management autonomy depends on the availability of financial means, “he pointed out.

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