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Prime Minister: Breaking up with outdated practices of corruption and bureaucracy not sufficient without objective and strong media

Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Aïmene Benabderrahmane, affirmed, today, Tuesday in Algiers, that practical measures aimed at breaking up with outdated practices of corruption, bribery and bureaucracy, will not be sufficient unless they are “supported by an objective and strong media.”

In a speech during a study day organized on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Algerian News Agency (APS), the Prime Minister indicated that “the programs and all practical measures aimed at breaking up with the outdated practices of corruption, bribery and bureaucracy, will not be sufficient unless they are supported by an objective and strong media.”

He added that this media, “in addition to constructive and positive criticism, contributes to promoting positive developments in the political, economic and social fields, and plays a pivotal role in supporting the efforts of live forces and hands that seek to serve and develop the country.”

The Prime Minister stressed, in this context, that the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, dedicated, among his fifty-four commitments (54), “an important space for the development of media in general and public media in particular, so as to reach a level that makes it a real actor in the process of building and developing society.” “.

He also pointed out to the measures which were granted “priority ” in President Tebboune’s program, which aim to “restore the citizen’s confidence in state institutions, in order to ensure his involvement in the success of the various public policies initiated by state institutions, and to direct the behavior of society in a manner that ensures the creation of an environment conducive to the success of the various reform workshops and endeavors that require everyone’s participation.”

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister evoked in his speech “the rapid developments in the media and communication with their various tools and media, and the significant increase in the degree of influence and the speed of its dissemination in societies in such aspects of life as social, cultural, political and economic, which compels us all – as he said – to work together, no matter how different our orientations and ideas, in order to overcome the great challenges that await us in order to develop our country and defend its security in its comprehensive sense, its safety and stability.

Mr. Benabderrahmane touched on “what the media and propaganda tools pose as a threat to the internal stability of countries, as the various media and communication tools have become a weapon of war placed in the hands of the new generation, in addition, it has become the most influential tool in directing the various flows of foreign trade, foreign direct investment, capital, technology, and even social behaviors and scourges.”

On the other hand, the Prime Minister described the Algerian News Agency, on the occasion of the anniversary of its creation, as “one of the oldest national media institutions and one of its most important branches, whose history is linked to important stages of our country’s glorious history.”

He also confirmed “the government’s support” for the agency’s development efforts, noting that he had given “the necessary instructions to review its basic law, which dates back to 1991, and update it to adapt to the changes taking place in the field of media and communication, as well as to expand the scope of its intervention in the media landscape in accordance with international standards.”.

Benabderrahmane added, “We look forward to making the Algerian News Agency strong thanks to the professionalism of its journalists and modern management, and to play a pivotal role in the national media landscape. “.

Thus, it is required to develop its services in order to keep pace with the ambitious renaissance development program brought by the President of the Republic and through it the government’s action plan, by assuming its role as a public service that provides reliable and credible news of quality.

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