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Prime Minister calls on diplomatic missions to listen to community concerns and accompany national talents abroad

The Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Aïmene Benabderrahmane, stressed today, Tuesday, the important role of the national community abroad in the development of the country, calling on diplomatic missions to take more care of the concerns of this segment of Algerians, which includes a large number of competencies, researchers and professors.

This came in a speech by the Prime Minister on the second day of the conference of heads of Algerian diplomatic and consular missions at Palais des Nations in Club des Pins (Algiers), in which he stressed that the Algerian community, which includes an increasing number of qualified researchers, professors and high-level experts, expressed their willingness to contribute to ensuring High-level training courses in Algeria.

Accordingly, Mr. Benabderrahmane stressed that “it is necessary to work on completing the electronic portal project dedicated to national competencies abroad in order to facilitate their contribution to the development of various fields, especially technical, technological, scientific, new technologies for information and communication, artificial intelligence and other fields of the knowledge economy.”

He added: “In order for our community to voluntarily and systematically contribute to the construction and nation-building process, it needs to restore confidence, and here I would like to recall that this issue is considered a priority in the President of the Republic’s program because the success of any development program depends on the extent of its acceptance by the elite and the citizen and its involvement in his endeavor.”

The Prime Minister called on Algeria’s representations “to listen to the concerns of the community, accompany our competencies abroad, support their position and command them in the bodies, organizations and research centers in which they work.”

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