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Prime Minister calls on the new generation to keep up with the developments and contribute to protecting national sovereignty

Prime Minister, Mr. Abdelaziz Djerad, called today, Wednesday, in Algiers, the new generation of students to “keep abreast of developments by mastering foreign languages,” stressing their role in “protecting national sovereignty.”

Mr. Djerad said, when chairing the ceremony marking the 65th anniversary of the National Student Day at the University of “Ibrahim Sultan Cheibout” (Algeria 3), that Algeria “has trained a generation of economists at a very high level, while the new generation today has to keep up with the developments, notably in language learning. “The majority of the reports are now prepared in the English language, which must be learned.”

Mr. Djerad added that “the current bets that emerged after the Coronavirus pandemic were reflected in international and economic relations, which changed radically, and this appeared in a number of countries that were considered major economic countries.”

In his speech, the Prime Minister also touched upon, with a number of students, the post-Covid-19 period and the conflicts that follow it and the repercussions of the pandemic, which “imposed on us and the government as a whole, to preserve the balances that kept us from going towards the International Monetary Fund and what conditions it can impose on us. He pointed out that “we had to face all pressures, including the policy that wanted Algeria to submit to this body.”

Mr. Djerad stressed that commemorating the student’s National Day confirms that “we must preserve the stakes of protecting national sovereignty, and the student must understand that we must preserve and protect our sovereignty so that our political decisions remain in our hands, while we avoid what happened in some countries that collapsed and are being imposed even their policy.”

The Prime Minister also indicated, on the occasion, that “students today have the right to defend their ideas and participate in the political movement in the country, provided they understand the challenges and stakes surrounding them,” noting that students constitute “the train and should not be led”.

He concluded by saying: “We respect ideas, and there must be a strong debate at the university that highlights its essential position and role at the scientific level, openness to science and scientific stakes, as well as contributing to building the nation at all levels, including cultural and economic.”

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