Prime Minister chairs a cabinet meeting (full statement)

Prime Minister, Aïmene Benabderrahmane, chaired, today, Wednesday, at the Government Palace in Algiers, a government meeting, during which files related to the sectors of agricultural and financial were presented and discussed.

During its weekly meeting, the Government examined the following points:

– In the field of Agriculture and Rural Development:

The Government examined a Draft Executive Decree allocating a plot of the Bouderham State Forest, with an area of ​​45 ha for the benefit of the city park of the municipalities of Khenchela and El Hamma, in the wilaya of Khenchela.

This draft text comes to complete the legal instrumentation allowing the wilaya of Khenchela to have this urban park which is of economic and social interest by ensuring spaces of social conviviality and entertainment for the benefit of the population of the region.

Meanwhile, in order to preserve the forest land of the region, the draft text includes a provision establishing the obligation to preserve and protect the wooded areas located on the plot in question.

Besides, a communication was made by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development on the workload plan and the results of the achievements of the Office for the Development of Industrial Agriculture in Saharan Lands (ODAS).

In this regard, the mobilization of a first plot consisting of 134,000 ha to be allocated to investors whose applications have been received following an online procedure via the ODAS electronic website was announced. To date, 140 investment projects across the various southern wilayas have been granted.

This first evaluation made it possible to identify actions to support and strengthen the dynamics of investment in strategic sectors in the wilayas of the South and this, to meet the needs of national consumption and therefore reduce the import bill.

At the end of the presentation, the Prime Minister recalled the orientations of the President of the Republic regarding the strategic role of ODAS as well as the efforts made for its establishment, notably its supply with human and material means.

He insisted on the fact that the ODAS must, through its only counter, be at the service of investors by providing them with all the necessary assistance for the accomplishment of all the procedures inherent, in particular, to the connection to energy and drilling. .

Finally, the Prime Minister asked the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, in line with the instructions of the President of the Republic, to extend the area mobilized by ODAS, while ensuring that it is allocated to investors before the end of the current year.

To this purpose, a common action of all the sectors concerned will have to be undertaken with the objective of ensuring, in the long term, the country’s food security, while creating a dynamic of investment in the wilayas of the South.

– In the area of ​​Finance:

The Minister of Finance made a presentation on the progress of the project to open bank branches abroad.

The project is part of the implementation of the Government’s action plan, particularly in the aspects relating to the support of economic operators, the orientation of trade flows as well as the banking of the savings of Algerians residing abroad.

For this, three (03) public banks, namely the National Bank of Algeria (BNA), the Credit Populaire of Algeria (CPA) and the External Bank of Algeria (BEA), plan for the establishment of subsidiaries in several African countries. In addition, the BEA has also taken steps to open an office of its subsidiary “BEA Internationale” in France in order to respond to the concerns raised by our national community settled in this country.

At the end of the presentation, the Prime Minister underlined the importance of this project, which constitutes a real opportunity for the economic influence of Algeria, particularly on the African continent and indicated that all the steps relating to the implementation of the 1st phase of this project should be finalized before the end of the current year”.

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