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Prime Minister confirms government commitment to establish all necessary conditions for upbringing future generation

Prime Minister, Finance Minister Aïmene Benabderrahme, confirmed on Thursday in Algiers, the government’s commitment to establish “all necessary conditions” and take “all measures” to upbringing the future generation and prepare it for the pursuit of sustainable development.

In a speech on the occasion of his supervision of the commemoration The World Children’s Day (November 20th) at Abdelatif Rahal International Conference Centre in Algiers, said that the government is committed to “establishing all conditions, carrying out all reforms and taking all measures to ensure the upbringing and preparation of the future generation in order to follow the path of sustainable development in all aspects of life.”

He explained that the government is concretizing this purpose according to a ” forward-looking view that goes beyond guarantying fundamental rights to the stage of empowerment and the creation of the future of coming generations، both at the intellectual level, and at the level of nurturing talent and creating the right environment for creativity and innovation”, he pointed out that ”this is what the President of the Republic has emphasized on many occasions in which he has pledged to honor young innovators with talents and winners of various national and international competitions for innovation and creativity”.

On the same occasion, Benabderrahme highlighted the government’s “commitment, in accordance with the President’s program, to lay the foundations and rules for building a new Algeria and moving to a new model of economic growth”, in which human capital is “a key determinant on which all long-term development plans are built”.

In this context, the Prime Minister touched on the content of the government action plan, which allocated an “important space” for the child upbringing, as one of the “fundamental pillars of the state’s social policy”.

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