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Prime Minister presents government’s work plan to MPs

Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Aïmene Benabderrahmane, will present to the deputies of People’s National Assembly, tomorrow, Monday, the government’s action plan based mainly on introducing important structural reforms at the institutional and socio-economic levels.

This plan derives in particular from its five main axes, which are “strengthening the rule of law, renewing governance, modernizing justice, strengthening freedoms, dialogue and consultation, and establishing a free and responsible civil society, in addition to freedom of assembly, peaceful demonstration and freedom of the press,” from the President’s Program and its 54 commitments, which were approved in Cabinet meeting on last August 30.

The government also seeks, through its plan, to ensure “renewed governance for more performance and transparency” and “effective and transparent management of public finances”, as well as “reform of collection, budget, accounting, national property and customs”.

Among the other axes included in the plan are “the moralization of public life and the prevention and control of corruption”, “the consolidation of moral values ​​and the renewal of the legal framework applied to public officials”, in addition to “modernizing the administration and public service” and “reforming the organization of public administration and its management methods”.

On the other hand, the government’s action plan stipulated that “the successful organization of the legislative elections is, with the inauguration of the new People’s National Assembly, another stage in the path of embodying the President’s commitment to completing the building of the institutional edifice, consecrating a new era that will characterize the new Algeria within the framework of constitutional and legal mechanisms that guarantee integrity, democratic practice and its credibility,” noting that the local elections scheduled for next November 27 will constitute “a new stage in this path.”

For reference, the preparation of the government’s action plan comes in an “exceptional” circumstance related to Covid-19 pandemic, which “increases the ambiguity about the possibility of returning to the normal situation, whether at the national or international level, especially with regard to the movement of people and goods, international trade and the normal functioning of markets.”

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